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Hotels of Morocco

Marrakech Hotels

Hotels of Morocco from Cityred®, offers you a selection of Hotels in Morocco. We have a range of Luxury Hotels & Spas as well as Golf Resort Hotels. Our site also features high-quality and affordable Cheap Hotels in Morocco.

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Morocco Riads and Villas

Riads and Villas

Selection of luxury Riads and Villas in Marrakech and Morocco.

Moroccan Restaurants

Moroccan Restaurants

Ultimate guide to Restaurants in Marrakech, Morocco.

Golfing Holidays Morocco

Golfing Holidays Morocco

Tailored Golf Holidays in Marrakech and Morocco Golf Resorts.

Excursions and Voyages

Excursions and Voyages

Excursions and Voyages in Marrakech and Morocco.

Special Events Morocco

Special Events Morocco

Exotic Weddings, Honeymoons, Birthday Parties in Marrakech, Morocco.

Hotels of Morocco

Hotels in Morocco range from majestic to modest. In addition to International hotel chains there are a number of local hotel brands through out Morocco. The standard of Morocco Hotels has risen in the last few years as the government has placed extra focus on the tourism industry. Which has led to the established of tourism training institutes. The level of customer service is fantastic as Moroccans in their very nature like to impress their guests.

Morocco Luxury Hotels

The general advise for those wanting to going on holiday to Morocco, is not to skimp on accommodation. Morocco has a wealthy of Luxury Hotels to offer. The majority of which have a spa and offer Moroccan massages. Luxury Hotels in Morocco are just as expensive as other luxury hotels any where else in the World. It is advisable to book your holiday to Morocco early as the majority of Luxury Moroccan Hotels get filled up very quickly in the peak and high seasons.

Morocco Golf Hotels

The weather in Morocco makes it a perfect location for a golfing holiday. The previous King Hassan II had a passion for golf, the majority of golf courses though did not have a hotel. Today, there are numerous projects that are being built around the country that incorporate a Hotel and Golf Resort in Morocco. Nearly all 6 of the King’s Azure projects have a golf course and casino. Morocco Golf Hotels will be in abundance by the time all of these projects are complete in 2010.

Morocco Cheap Hotels

There are numerous cheap hotels in Morocco that are suitable for back-packers or those on a very low budget. Some guesthouses can be as cheap as £5 per night per person. You do have to be extremely careful where you stay and make sure that they motel is registered with the tourism board. Cheap Morocco hotels allow you spend a larger portion of your budget on travelling around the country and enjoying Morocco’s heritage and many touristic sites.

Marrakesh Hotels

Hotels in Marrakesh can be divided in four main groups. There are hotels in the city centre which tend to be between 3 and 4 stars, these can be called cheap and cheerful hotels, the second category is Marrakesh Hotels in Hivernage and boulevard Mohammed VI. These tend to be 4 and 5 star hotels. The majority of these hotels can accommodate over 300 people and have swimmimg pools and Spas. The third category of Hotels in Marrakesh are the ones in the outskirts of the city that are more like resorts and tend to have golf courses like the five star Palmarie Golf Palace. The fourth category are exclusive botique hotels in Marakesh. Marrakesh has a lot to offer in terms of exclusive luxury hotels. Botique hotels in Marrakesh, generally immitate the gradour of the palaces of Andalusian Spain. French owners of luxury hotels in Marrakesh, have been extremly creative in adding a modern touch to the traditional Moroccan Architecture. Some hotels even offer a private dipping pool with every room. With lavish gardens, relaxing Spas and second to none service, Luxury Hotels in Marrakesh are worth every penny. Marrakesh was King Hassan’s favourite location for playing Golf, and therefore, golf courses in Marrakesh are very well established. Today are witnessing the development of a number of Golf Resorts in Marrakesh. If you are on a tight budget, then staying in of the Marrakesh Cheap Hotels is a good choice. There are cheap hotels in the Medina of Marrakech as well as in the Gueliz.

Marrakech Holiday Apartments

A cheaper alternative to staying in a Hotel in Marrakech is to rent a Marrakech Apartment

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